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Aash Cube LED Light bars can
give excellent lighting under
cabinet or in ware drop, which leads towards saving energy up to 50% compare to florescent tubes.
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First street light lamp was installed in Public square of Cleveland in 1879; 12 arc lamp at 200candle power was installed in the park. Since the arc lamp was very bright some the poles had to be more than 200 ft long. Soon after arc lamps were replaced by incandescent lamps. In present most of the streets have High Intensity Discharge lamp such as HPS, LPS and MH until LED became viable option for Street and area lighting.
Importance of Street Lighting :
Street Lighting is essential utility that provides safety and security to users along with illumination. Qualitative data based on study and field research suggest that the improved lighting has reduced crime rate after dark. The research also shows improve visibility and better illumination leads to increased number of people outside on the road after dark
How LED can revolutionize Street Lighting :
The colour rendering index (CRI) of most commonly used High Pressure Sodium lamp is very poor which doesn’t give good visibility to users. Over the time Warm White colour of the lamp can change in orange and dark orange resulting into lower CRI. Also the power consumption of the Lamp and Ballast is very high. The issue can be solved by using High Power LED (Light Emitting Diode) which has CRI >75 and in some cases >85 and also saves up to 70% Energy compare to HPS. The LED Light output is directional and can easily design to give light in required area by using secondary optics. The LEDs also do not contain any hazards material compare to CFL or MH or HPS lamp.
Due to very low power consumption LED would be the best option for alternative source of energy. In rural area, small streets, garden LED can combine with solar or wind option and can be use without electricity.
Lumen for lumen or lux for lux replacement scenario for LED retrofit doesn’t show correct results without accounting Colour rendering, light distribution, light loss, advantage of mesopic vision over scotopic vision.
Measuring in Mesopic vision, LED street lights are 2-3 times brighter than HPS for the same visual illumination. Without causing high glare LED can give better facial recognition.
How Aash Cube LED Street Lights are different :
At Aash Cube Lighting we have achieved very stable street lighting because of our extensive R & D on Thermal Management, Optical Management and Power Management. Aash Cube LED Street Lights are designed to provide very precise and accurate current to each LED ensuring uniform light output from each long and longer life. We have also taken care of heat efficiently in order to give long life and stability. We rely on state of the art facility, Experienced Engineering and Production team.
At Aash Cube Lighting we can also provide designing service to minimize waste of light and get optimum output as per requirement by using Efficient Lighting Design software to calculate all required parameters such as Average Lux Level, Uniformity, 3D rendering of the road and false colour diagram to understand outcome in easy way. The 3D rendering of Sample Street Light projected created by Aash Cube is given below.
Aash Cube Lighting is following the guideline given by Illumination Engineering Society (IES) LM-79 and LM-80 for designing and testing of solid state lighting.
3D Model of Street Lighting with 96W Aash Cube LED Street Light
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